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ITEMS                                                TOTAL
US $
Budget A: For Donors        56 768-00
Budget B: Community 11 232-00
GRAND TOTAL 68 000-00


Hwange district is one the districts in Zimbabwe, bordering districts like Lupane, Binga, Tsholotsho and countries like Zambia and Botswana. Hwange district is a tourist district as it has one of the seven world wonders Victoria Falls which attracts a lot of tourists. Hwange district is the heart of Southern Africa and this make it an economic hub of Southern Africa. The nature of the district has got advantages and disadvantage as well. Hwange district is a boarder district, tourist district and a mining district. Despite the progress made by Hwange District towards meeting the SDGs, including the SDG 6 which aims to achieve universal access to adequate and equitable sanitation and hygiene for all and ending open defecation by 2030, paying more attention to the needs of women and girls and those in the vulnerable situations an increased number of people in rural areas do not have access to sanitation facilities (toilets). Sanitation problem still remains the major public health threat in the district. Hwange District has got sanitation coverage of 35% meaning 65% of the district population is still practicing open defecation. This situation has been made worse by the recent economic crisis and the drought that has hit the district which increased the number of vulnerable people. Zimbabwe is one of the countries that have been hit hard by the problem of poor sanitation that has claimed more lives in the past years and in the recent cholera and typhoid outbreaks some months ago.

Hwange district is composed of 21 rural wards and among the 21 wards is Chidobe Ward under chief Mvuthu which has low sanitation coverage of 32%.. It comprises of six villages namely Chisuma, Monde, Sizinda, Chidobe, Jabulani and Hlanganani. The ward has a total of 1430 households of which out of the total households only 430 households have access to safe sanitation meaning 1000 households are practicing open defecation which leads to high burden of diarrheal diseases. The ward has got 30% sanitation coverage meaning 68% is practicing open defecation.

With a view to addressing these gaps and improving the sanitation situation in Chidobe Ward, Hwange District, a Community Led Total Sanitation programme has been developed by the Environmental Health Office and the Community Leadership. The programme is initially targeted at 6 villages under Chisuma catchment area namely (Monde, Sizinda, Chisuma, Chidobe, Vukuzenzele and Kachecheti) and aims to improve the water and sanitation coverage as a way of improving public health and reducing the prevalence of diarrheal diseases. Key components of the programme is the formation of community sanitation clubs that will be working together in the construction of toilet, the club members are going to contribute labour, building skills, locally available materials like river sand, pit sand, quarry stone and moulding clay farm bricks. The club members will be trained on toilet construction in order to cut the cost of hiring a builder for the construction of the toilet. These cost cutting measures that the project is willing to implement are meant to reduce the costs and result in zero open defecation. The project will provide a unique platform for fostering women empowerment through training activities as well as sanitation club competitions as a way of motivation allowing them to put into practice their newly acquired knowledge and skills in reducing water and sanitation related diseases. The program aims at encouraging the communities to take charge of the development of their communities and play a pivotal role in building healthy communities by reducing the prevalence of gonorrheal diseases..


Name of Organization                 Chidobe Ward Community

Address                                              Chidobe Ward, Hwange District, Matabeleland North.

                                                                E-mail: siphomoyo143@gmail. com

                                                                  Contact Person(s)                           Sipho Moyo


Position:               Environmental Health Technician – Chisuma Clinic

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