Community Participation

During and after the needs assessment survey, several meetings have been held between the Environmental Health Office and community members on the proposed project planning. Local commitments have been made and unskilled service providers were also identified.

The community has already started setting up sanitation clubs where by they work together towards the construction of Blair Ventilated Pit Latrines. Due to unavailability of the resources the community through these clubs is contributing US$1 per month per member for procurement of one bag of cement that is given to one member so that the construct the pit to the bottom slab level, install the vent pipe for trapping flies and then use any material eg plastics, grass etc for the superstructure as they are try to look for cement for the construction of the super structure. The community through these clubs is going to mold farm bricks, provide the locally available materials like pit sand, river sand, water and labour during the construction of these toilets. The beneficiaries will continue to be fully involved in setting up of committees that will be responsible for overseeing the receipt of project materials and monitoring proper utilization thereof, and ensuring quality project implementation. The community leadership will through Chief Mvuthu and his subordinates that include Headmen, Village Heads, the business community and the Church community oversee the proposed project.

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